Many a Man / Igelkott single - new download!

"Many a Man" - a brand new recording by the Fred Kinbom Trio, backed by a previously unreleased version of "Igelkott" (with some beautiful fiddle playing by Nick Pynn) is released today to raise money for a good friend who had a motorcycle accident last week. Thankfully he is alive and will recover eventually, but he has broken his right leg in four places and also his left hand. He is a self-employed tradesman and he will not be able to work for 6 months at least. So, we thought that "every little helps", and Jim, Sam and I recorded "Many a Man" on Tuesday night, and have now made it available as a digital download, to raise some money to help my friend out. My sister Anna Kinbom made the artwork. The two-track single costs only £1 and all proceeds will go to my friend, to make at least a small but positive difference in his unfortunate and difficult situation.

Many a Man

To buy the single, please go to the "Shop" page and click on the PayPal button there. The two songs will be e-mailed to your PayPal registered e-mail, or any other e-mail address you wish (just mention it as a note with the payment). Many thanks for your support! A trailer video: