KinboM, not KinboRN

It seems the Dutch promotor of the Sarah Blasko tour has misspelt my surname, so for the shows in Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, I was billed as Fred KinboRN, rather than KinboM. An easily made mistake, as "rn" looks similar to "m" in lower case lettering. At the Amsterdam show the other night, an audience member remarked that he could not find much info on the net for Fred KinboRN. So, for the people googling "Fred KinboRN", I will type this misspelt surname here a few times, so that they may end up here on the Fred KinboM website: Fred Kinborn, Fred Kinborn, Fred Kinborn, Fred Kinborn, Kinborn, Kinborn, Kinborn, KINBORN! ;-)