K I N B O M  /  B R A N D E N B U R G

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K I N B O M  /  B R A N D E N B U R G

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Kinbom/Brandenburg is a collaboration between Berlin-based composers/musicians Hans-Jörn Brandenburg and Fredrik Kinbom.


Kinbom/Brandenburg make instrumental music for film, TV and the stage, based mainly around the combination of piano and lap steel slide guitar, but also incorporating a wide range of other instruments and sonic textures found in both the acoustic and the electronic realm.


The collaboration started in February 2019, and just six months later their first TV soundtrack - for Jean Boué's documentary "Die Unerhörten" - was broadcast on German RBB Television in August 2019. The film was subsequently awarded a prestigious Grimme Preis in 2020.


Kinbom/Brandenburg bring together a unique blend of musical sensibilities, honed from many years of experience in various fields of music. In Brandenburg's case a long-standing collaboration in theatre music with Robert Wilson (starting with "The Black Rider" with Tom Waits in 1990) and work with renowned artist like Rufus Wainwright, The Tiger Lillies and Kronos Quartet, to name a few. Kinbom's reputation as a lap steel player and writer has led to recording and/our touring with internationally acclaimed acts like Sarah Blasko, Gurrumul, Gemma Ray and many others.


German critics' words about Kinbom/Brandenburg's music for "Die Unerhörten":


"Erwähnenswert ist in diesem Zusammenhang auch die Musik, die dem Film eine ungewöhnliche Unbeschwertheit verleiht."

- Grimme Preis 2020, motivation of the Jury


"…und man muss es extra erwähnen, weil es so selten geworden ist, der Film ist musikalisch wunderbar ergänzt mit einer stimmigen Musik des Duos Kinbom/Brandenburg, ein manchmal schön schräger Sound, der das Provinzielle zitiert und zugleich transzendiert."

- EPD Medien


For more detailed biographies for Hans-Jörn Brandenburg and Fredrik Kinbom, click HERE.


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Here is a live video from a performance at Sowieso in Berlin, from August 2019:






















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