2008 Burgin custom baritone Weissenborn

Burgin baritone Weissenborn

An amazing baritone Weissenborn made by Paddy Burgin in Wellington, New Zealand. It is made of Sapele and very deep, and very deep is its sound. It is a baritone version of the two Burgin Weissenborns played by David Lindley. I keep it tuned to either Bb, B (D format) or Eb minor (Gm format).

2006 Lazy River custom Weissenborn

Lazy River Weissenborn

A custom Sitka Spruce/Black Walnut Weissenborn built by Rance White in North Carolina, USA. A lovely guitar and my main gigging lap steel. It lives in G minor tuning.

2009 Lap King custom Rodeo

Lap King Rodeo

A wonderful lap steel built by Jason DuMont in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. Equipped with two Lollar Charlie Christian blade pickups. Stunning craftsmanship.

2010 Lap King custom Rodeo

Lap King Rodeo black

Another amazing Lap King Rodeo, with a Lollar Supro-style pickup and a Lollar Imperial humbucker. A very versatile guitar.

1937 National New Yorker

1937 National New Yorker II

A fantastic old lap steel. This model has three pickups - one at the bridge and two concealed under the fretboard. Probably the first ever multi-pickup electric guitar model. The most beautiful of all the vintage lap steel models in my opinion (its art-deco design was apparently inspired by the Empire State Building), and it sounds amazing!

1939 Vega Electric Console

1939 Vega

Great sounding and looking console lap steel from 1939. Like the National New Yorker, something of an art-deco masterpiece. The pickup is possibly the first-ever humbucker (a couple of decades before Gibson).

1963 Gibson ES-125

Gibson ES-125

Lovely Gibson archtop with a P-90 pickup. Sounds really punchy as an acoustic and lush plugged in.

2013 JG "Steroid Champ"

JG amp

Great 15W hand-wired, single ended tube amp built by Jörg Grannemann in Düsseldorf, Germany. His website is www.handcraftedamps.de.

1980s Pearl Precision Bass

1980s Pearl copy of a Fender Precision bass, with Fender replacement pickup. A rare and great bass.

2010 Brueko No. 9 ukulele

Brueko ukulele

Brueko tenor ukulele. A really nice little instrument, made in Germany from solid mahogany.

1930s Oahu student model


My first acoustic lap steel, bought for $81 on eBay. Quite difficult to play with its warped neck, but it sounds lovely - earthy and gritty and warm.

1968 DiGiorgio nylon string


A long-time companion. Made in Brazil. The top is a bit warped, it has a few cracks, but it is a very comfortable guitar to play.