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Hi Fred, Listened to "oil" and a few other songs: great job full of sensibility and delicacy. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us
Hey Fred! Love the new website...looks great. Your latest music is fab! Hope your well, and hope to catch you at a gig soon. :-)
Love your stuff and I've only seen your Rodeo King Demo. Come to Chicago. I'll help you get some gigs, Phil
Saw you last night supporting Sarah Blasko! Great gig! Listening to your unique but wonderful music as i type this! A few new fans made in York last night!!
Thanks for the great music Fred. I am a novice player / serious collector and enjoy your music and demos of National New Yorkers on YouTube. Regards, Mick
Dear Fred, i think your music ist very special and sounds fantastic! Greets, Kathie http://www.eventim.co.uk/
G'day Fred, I've just picked up a 1947 New Yorker in mint condition, complete with case and the bond. It has the black fretboard with coloured markers. Sounds fabulous.
Fred, You're fantastic! I like to learn how to play Igelkott and I Ni Fama on my Oahu square neck.Can you help me? Thanks, Mike
Giday form many miles away, love your music,love the Weiss's, keep picking!! what pickups are you using?? Have a look at these, I have just got one and find it rather lovely. http://www.weissenborns.com/index.php Steve
Hi Fred, I spent some time here looking at your fine guitar collection and listening to the sound samples. You combine your voice and guitar very well. One thing that occured to me while listening to one in particular..I think Inglot? ...how nice it might sound if you played the Weissenborn in the chorus or odd verse single string notes in unison with your voice, not harmony but same note and same pitch as your voice. I think it would give you a unique sound and one of your own perhaps? I like what you do and you do it very well. Roy Your Canadian Friend
Just wanted to let you know I voted and hope you win! Loved Isolation!!!
when will you come do some shows in NYC??? would love to see you live!
HUGE fan of Frock/FJE... one of my favorites - HOORAY that you've made another album... is it the "same" to you if i buy it on i-tunes or would it be better for you if i buy it via your website... I am in New York, so buying a physical CD to be shipped from the UK seems counterintuitive...
Freddddd...oh mu God I can´t believe i found you! Maybe you don´tm remember me, we used to live a little time in Brigton-Kemp Town together (me, you, Mario, Karla, Adriana...from Brazil) in 2000....a long time ago!!! Have you been to Brazil lately? I still listen the CD that you gave that time! Actualy that´s why I decided to make a web research about you!!! I´ve some pics from that time...if you want some I can send you!!! XXX...Helide
Hola! Just want to thank you Fred for making such nice music! It was really years ago that I listened something so good...first tune great, second even better, third one guauuu! it was almost orgasmic in a beautifully musical way! Cheers for all you.
The album is really good Fred, keep it up! I love the range of the songs, the the drums on 'Just a Crystal Bar' to the more atmospheric tracks (ie. the first three). Hugh
Mycket bra grejer du gör. Gillar det hemskt mycket. Med värme .Ismael www.ismaelataria.se
Hi Fred! I know you'll be in Paris soon. Just to say I improved my website with a new index pic. What do you think of it? (Sol is somewhere here...)
Hi Fred, Really enjoyed your music last night,great stuff!You talked and played as if we were all sitting in your living room,nice atmosphere.
Hi Fred, It was great to hear you play at Bom-Bane's last week. Beautiful music and we really enjoyed singing too! Can't wait to hear the album, Claire
hi fred i often read your comments on Michael messers forum ...please put me on your mailing list al
Hola Mr Kinbom, I feel happy to be your friend, as the stuff you sent to me is so pleasant :-) I look forward to see you Fred, and to hear the album! Salute. Paolo.
Great site, great songs, great artists. Hope you will pass by Belgium one day. ;-) Regards, Maikel
Watched you on youtube playing the Newyorker, imagine if someone had made it sound like that in 1937 when it was made. It could have had a massive influence on music.
Hi Fred, nice website you got ! I'm looking foward to hear your new CD (until your first North America Tour !). Cheers ! Crocau
So glad you can make it Fred and be there at 24 bis on 9th jan ! Hope you'll play the beautiful duet with Paolo, and the great "Chanteuse mystérieuse" song ;-) Vincent
Looking good Fred. Looking very good.
Coucou! Toujours aussi bien, bonne musique, bon site, chouette gars... No more delays for your release hein! Do you think you're gonna have time to visit Lyon again for a concert??? All the best, take care Biz La fille à la banane ;)
Hey Fred, your musique is tres unique! I really like the Jolly Baker song. Yr Pal, RA http://rickalexander.com http://youtube.com/rickalexander47
Hi Fred, great song as usual, short but full of real emotion. That's the spiritual music that I love. Cheers Fred
Please forgive me FRED, It's early here in California. I was just writing to my friend John.
Good morning John, This is about The Jolly Baker of Aachen and what inspired you to write it. These days I'm an Author and songwriter whose returned to the steel guitar after a 25 year absents. From the greatest of heartbreak comes the greatest of songs. I wanted to share that with you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Rickey
Thanks for the pre-release version of songs from your forth coming album ! That's really great stuff, that kind with great melodies, great sound, that kind you can listen whatever your mood, that kind that brings a great vibe... well... just thanks for your music !
I always listen to "Igelkott" over and over it has such a strong character and haunting melody really a great song ! On the new number "The Jolly Baker of Aachen" I really loved the drum works. Can't wait to hear the whole album ! I keep my fingers crossed for lot's of sucess !
new to this type of music and love it! Actually, my husband has just found and purchased a 1930s dobro in Texas ($200US) and loves it. I have had the fun of finding out what this beautiful instrument will do for him. Happened upon you amazing slide music in my research on the dobro. Would love to buy your album when released and thank you for the ability to download some of your incredible music.
Great website Fred. Look forward to our next collaboration!
sehr schön,deine neue website!!Bin sehr gespannt auf die neue CD.Viel Spaß beim Musizieren! Beate
Salut Fred, I'm really happy to count you as a closed friend ! à bientôt
Nice Fred. Continued good luck and enjoy your music.
you're a damn good player kinbom, motivated, young, bright, articulate and good looking. great stuff, good work and an excellant sense of hunour. please send the cheque to slipslide off soubds, c/0 ripemoff records, p.o. box 1., cheshire, u.k.
All the best to your new site! I am a huge fan of your previous album FROCK. It's a very well produced product. It's music;-) New record... YES! See you on the strings.
Nice website Fred the color is really nice and peaceful. Nice photos I would love to see more music !
Bitter sweeeeeet pie!
Hello Fred, great job you've done here! All the best for you, hope to see you for real one day ;) Fred
Fred, really nice, clean PRO webpages!! super! Look forward to your CD release:-) kind regards,...Laurie
Outstanding! Very well done! Cool NY'r too, I own a '47.
nice goin' Fred!! Still have my New Yorker after 58 years!
Great job with your website ! All the best for your album !
Kul Fredrik! vad fint du har det här =) stor kram!
Good job Fred, looking forward to hearing your new album!
Looking good Fred!
Lycka til med nya siten !
Well done Fred! It's a wonderful virtuale place this site... keep on slidin' dear friend!
Eine sehr schöne Seite Fred. Good luck with everything. Sarah
G'day Fred, The web site is the way to go! Good luck with all your new ventures. Cheers Alan
Hiya Fred! About time too - thanks for your support & we'll catch up again soon. Take care, Ian (Diamond Bottlenecks)
Hallo brollan! kul att du fått till en egen sida, nu kan du snart va webmaster åt mig;)
Hello Fred! Congratulations it's very nicely done. Hope to see you soon in Paris at the "Baron Rouge"...
Cool site Fred, added to my favorites! I'm really looking forward to your new album. I find your music very inspirational, thanks for sharing it with us! You must come & play in Bristol sometime. All the best, Chris.
Very nice site Fred. Enjoyed your work. Like you, I also enjoy a friendship with Bob Brozman...have known him for the past 20 years.
Hey Fred ! Great news from you. I'm happy as a pig, I'm just back home, coming from the Montreal Guitar Grand Prix, where I WON !
Fred, nice site - good luck with the CD. Tim
Great website Fred! Can't wait to hear the upcoming CD! Are you still planing to visit New York? Michael Gomez
Congratulations on the new web site. Look me up when you get to San Francisco and I'll show you a great time!
Kia Ora from Aotearoa New Zealand (land of the long white weissenborn) Paddy Burgin Burgin Guitars.
Congrats with the new website Fred,- looks good! :-) Steinar