Fredrik Kinbom biography

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One mild summer's eve, Fredrik Kinbom was onboard a Brighton bus en route to rehearsals. An elderly gentleman (who smelt gently of drink) asked him about the instruments he was carrying - "What kinda guitars are them?" Fredrik explained that it was one acoustic and one electric guitar, and the old man got very enthusiastic and excited. It was hard for Fredrik - a native of Sweden - to understand his accent as the alcohol had slurred his speech somewhat, but he was definitely talking about something he liked a lot. "Do you know?!" he asked, and when he saw that Fredrik didn't he proceeded to swing his left hand repeatedly across his lap. The word "Hawaii" could be heard in the mixture of speech and musical sound effects. The old man was trying to tell Fredrik how much he liked the Hawaiian steel guitar, or, lap steel.

This chance meeting led Fredrik to sell one of his regular guitars and buying an old electric lap steel on eBay. The first efforts were tentative, but when an acoustic lap steel was acquired a few months later, Fredrik got firmly hooked on the instrument. Drawing on influences from his Scandinavian roots as well as music from various parts of the world, Fredrik's very personal brand of music and approach to the instrument, along with his strong sense of melody has won him many fans across the globe. People often comment that it's refreshing to hear lap steel-based music that is "not the usual slide stuff". "Soulful" and "unique" are other words uttered more than once by listeners, and Fredrik being mentioned in the American book Slide Rules (about slide guitar tunings) alongside lap steel pioneers and legends is a great acknowledgment that he has brought something new to the slide guitar table.

In 2009 Fredrik Kinbom released his first full-length lap sliding album, Hedgehogs & Elephants. The Quit My Job EP followed in 2011 through UK label Sotones. His most recent solo album Oil was released by Swedish label Capstan Records on 12 May 2014 to great critical acclaim. (His lap steel work is also featured in his new collaborative project Kinbom & Kessner).

Fredrik mainly performs his own compositions, but is often also playing lap steel with other artists - highlights so far include playing with award-winning Aboriginal Australian artist Gurrumul at the Barbican Hall in London, sitting in with New York-based band Hazmat Modine and recording and touring with rising UK stars Moulettes. As of 2015, he regularly plays lap steel (and bass guitar) with Berlin-based British artist Gemma Ray, and he played on, and co-wrote a piece for, her acclaimed 2016 album The Exodus Suite).

As a songwriter, Fredrik Kinbom has also collaborated with award-winning Australian artist Sarah Blasko, and the two co-wrote three songs for her 2012 album I Awake (on which Fredrik also played electric guitar and ukulele). The album received great reviews and also features the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

In 2015, Fredrik began a collaboration with German theatre writer/dramaturgist Sonja Kessner, which resulted in the Kinbom & Kessner album Lieder von Liebe und Krieg ("Songs of Love and War"), which was released by Theater.Macht.Musik on 27 November 2015 and features a stellar cast of international guests, such as James Williamson of Iggy & The Stooges and Augie March's Glenn Richards. Kinbom & Kessner are currently working on a second album, and Fredrik also wrote the music for Sonja Kessner's theatre group Theater.Macht.Staat's play Eine Kleine Machtmusik, which premiered at Berlin's UFA-Fabrik in June 2016.

Fredrik Kinbom has played his music for audiences in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil and Australia. Fredrik has been accompanied on recordings and in concert by many great musicians, such as double bass player Jim Mortimore (Arthur Brown, Moulettes), multi-instrumentalist Sam Walker (John Watts, Arthur Brown), cellist Hannah Miller (Moulettes), clarinet player Björn Dahlberg, pianists James Cruickshank (The Cruel Sea, Mick Harvey) and Matthew Gest, and drummers Ollie Austin (Moulettes) and Fredrik Rundqvist (Velodrône, Sarah Blasko).

As of 2013, Fredrik also plays bass with Ned Collette + Wirewalker.

Fredrik Kinbom lives and works in Berlin, Germany.